Yahoo news

Skimmed a story on Yahoo about a 5 yr swallowing a piece from a fidget spinner. Yes he's 5, he should know better, but it doesn't take long for some of the comments to become political. Whether people are joking or not, do you really have to make stupid comments like that?

Been a long time

Been so long since I even looked at my blog. Lots has changed since February.

Sadly my mother passed away March 3rd, very unexpectedly. Good thing is, she's not hurting, bad thing, i have to figure out what to feed my dad everyday! You have to laugh at that at least :) Mom said as long as she had something for dad's lunch the next day... so having leftovers is good! I just have to find me some lunch for work, not too hard, I'll eat easier stuff!

What else... Eva has taken on a lot more responsibility at Paramount. Path and I both had losses in March so she's been a huge help. Lilangel and Queenie have always been helpful too of course!

Real life work has gotten to be more of a pain in the ass and I've changed jobs as you say?! Not doing as much graphic work. Went to college for that but nooooo. 

Well seems like there was way more but I think my brain is just too tired to write more.

But the picture above is awesome, thank you Tristan... look up the song "Chartreuse…

Some videos

New videos of me dancing, if you'd like to see, click the videos page.

Been extremely busy in real life to update my blog :(  but I'll try my best

Cause I'm proud of it

and we all need to watch more cartoons!

Lotta - "I Can't Get No Satisfaction"
Produced by Tristan Moniquexi

To all the SL dancers out there...

Make friends, be careful who you trust and FUCKING GET ALONG WITH EACH OTHER. 

IsSecond Life so small you have to go and start drama?

Gossip is drama ya know. Gossip isn't good, why it's called gossip.

Assumption isn't good either. Get some facts about things and if you wanna know more ask the person the gossip is about, if they want you to know they'll tell you.

If you think you are being treated unfairly, have a conversation with the owners of the theater you dance at calmly. NOT during a rehearsal and NOT during a show. Learn some patience people!

IF the owner asks you to do something, DO IT. There IS a reason you are being asked.

~I feel better getting that off my chest.... 

Ever stop to think...

....that maybe when a person quits their job, it's more of a "i don't like it here anymore, the way you are running things isn't good anymore. I don't like working like this and I need to go."

Just a random thought I thunk!

Plantpets question.

ANYONE out there knows someone who wants to buy a plant seeds or someone that sells them? I have QUITE a bit of seeds, mostly common of course but some rares, seasonals. I know I can sell them on MarketPlace but I don't have the time to do all that.

It's very tempting to plant them all, but it would be my luck I'd lag the sim and well, that would defeat the purpose!! It would benice to sell some, get some... shoe money heehee. I have roses and orchids mostly.

Looking to buy some other different types from MarketPlace. Like I need more but I thought wouldn't it be nice to sell them, give them a home instead of my inventory? I'd even be interested in trading! :)

If you are interested send an email to OR send a notecard inworld to Lotta Difference. There are some around our theatre (Paramount Grand Theatre) in the greenhouse and around outside.

Let me think what do I have... since I'm at work at themoment (shhh), I have to put my thinkin…